DTDS 622C LoRa® Module EVB

LoRa® Module Evaluation Board – DTDS-622C-EVB

The DTDS-622-EVB is specially designed to help developers using the DTDS-622C LoRa® module. The Evaluation Board is easily interfaceable to a host controller and can communicate over AT commands. Two Antenna interfaces are provided on the board for flexibility to the user.


  • Industry Standard pMOD interface included
  • Antenna connectors with SMA and UFL interfaces.
  • Serial port interface on-board for host controller communication, through USB or pMOD interface
  • Onboard power supply through USB or power through pMODinterface
  • Size 70mm x 20.32 mm in conformance to pMOD

Technical Specifications:

  Parameters Typical Specifications Units
Electrical Specification Power Supply +2.4 to +3.6(Nominal) V
TX Current 138 mA @22 dBm mA
RX Current <7 mA mA
Programmable Data Rate 0.3 to 5.0 (LoRaWAN) Kb/s
RF Interface RFIO single ended, 50 ohm
Programmable Operating frequency 863 – 870 (Band 868),902-928 (Band 915) MHz
TX Output Power 22 (Programmable from 10dBm) dBm
RX Sensitivity -137dBm @SF12 dBm
-124dBm @SF7 dBm
RF interface UFL connector, SMA connector
Interfaces UART UART_TX,UART_RX – for AT commands
ADC 10 bit, 4 channels
Host interface available via AT commands over UART

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