DTDS HV BLDC Fan Solution

DTDS RX13T low cost HV fan board support BLDC fan application for aircon out door unit, industrial fan. The fan driver board design with minimum components count and cost optimisation. It provides a production ready solution to reduce time to market for inverter motor fan applications. Motor control and system tuning software to help customer on system optimisation. Easy interface with any Fan control board for speed control. Smart failure prediction with AI can be implemented upon request.


  • Sensorless Field Oriented Control FOC
  • Fast ramp up and precision speed control
  • Motor Parameter detection
  • Reversed start for outdoor fan application
  • Low cost
  • All safety feature-Over voltage, Over current, motor lock protection, Under voltage protection
  • Flexible adoption for AC or HV DC input
  • Industrial standard 5 wire interface
VIn HVAC 220Vac 50Hz
HVDC 120-500VDC
Max Power Out 80W
Speed range 100-5000RPM
Vin (LVDC) 13.5-16.5VDC
Vdc speed tuning 0-5VDC

Target Applications:

  •  Inverter aircon fan
  •  Inverter industrial fan
  •  HVAC

Schematic Diagram:

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