DTDS Inverter Fridge Driver

DTDS cost effective, high-voltage (HV) inverter fridge board supports compressor control applications for home appliance and industrial refrigerator with RX13T MCU. The inverter fridge driver board design is optimized for minimum component count and lower cost. It provides a production ready solution to reduce time to market for refrigerator applications. Motor control and system tuning software are provided to help customers optimize their systems. Smart failure prediction with AI can be implemented upon request.

Key Features

  • Sensorless Field Oriented Control FOC
  • Fast ramp up and precision speed control
  • All safety feature-Over voltage, Over current, motor lock protection, Under voltage protection
Vin  110/220Vac ±10% 50Hz
Max Power Out <300W
Speed range 1000-4500RPM
Load Inverter compressor

Target Markets and Applications

  • Consumer refrigerator
  • Inverter fridge
  • Industrial freezer

System Block Diagram

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