DTDS’s 068C Module for LoRa® communications

The DTDS’s 068C Module is built based on SEMTECH® LLCC68 LoRa® based RF communications device controlled by RENESAS RL78 G13 family microcontroller running the LoRaWAN® stack. The module is easily interfaceable to a host controller over AT commands.
Ordering Part# DTDS78MC68H


  • Supports LoRaWAN Class A, Class B and Class C, with spreading factors SF7 to SF9
  • Antenna matching network for a 50 Ohms termination is provided as a part of the module.
  • Operating Temperature range -40 deg C to +85 deg C

Technical Specifications:

Parameters  Typical Specifications  Units


Size  15(W) X 27(L) X 3.0(H)  mm
Package  26 pins, SMD 


Power Supply  +2.4 to +3.6  V
Standby Current  < 4  mA
TX Current  120 mA @22 dBm, 868/915 MHz  mA
RX Current  <7 mA @BW 125 kHz, 868/915 MHz  mA
Programmable Data Rate 0.018 to 62.5 (LoRa), 0.6 to 300 (FSK) , 0.3  to 5.0 (LoRaWAN)  Kb/s
RF Interface  RFIO single ended, 50 ohm 
Programmable Operating  frequency  863 to 870 (Band 868)  MHz
902 to 928 (Band 915)  MHz
RF Specification Frequency deviation 0.6 to 200 KHz for FSK  KHz
Not Programmable in LoRa 
Sensitivity  -129dBm @SF9, BW 125kHz  dBm
-124dBm @SF7, BW 125kHz  dBm
RF interface  RFIO (UFL connector) 
Interfaces UART  UART_TX, UART_RX – for AT commands 
ADC  10 bit, 2 channels 
Host interface available via AT commands over UART

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