Inverter Aircon Solution

DTDS Inverter Aircon solution adopted Renesas MCU RX24T, support single rotary compressor with integrated IPM and software PFC. This production ready, cost optimise solution and reduce time to market for inverter motor control compressor applications. Easy to use motor control, system tuning software to help customer on system optimisation. Seamless interface to indoor control unit. Optional on board BLDC fan driver. Smart failure prediction features can be implemented upon request.


  • Field Oriented Control FOC with PLL close loop start up
  • Built in Torque compensation, flux weakening, PLL control 
  • Motor Parameter detection
  • Software CCM PFC control reduce overall BOM
  • Integrated Inverter + PFC IPM 
  • Support single rotary compressor
  • Outdoor fan selection: AC or BLDC fan

Target Applications:

  • Inverter Air Conditional
  • Inverter Cooling System

Schematic Diagram:

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