Founded in 1997, Gosuncn Technology Group Co., Ltd. (stock code 300098) was listed in 2010, and is a provider of products and services on smart city IoT.The Application ranges Smart city, Security City, Intelligent Transportation, Law Enforcement, Wireless Communication, Communication Security, Financial Security, and Railway Safety.

Gosuncn product lines include BWC (Body Worn Camera) Solution, AR Video GIS(AR.VGIS), Access Control, Satellite Communication Terminal, Wireless Communication Modules, ERI(electronic registration identification of the motor vehicle), Internet of Vehicles (IoV).

Product Highlights

  • LPWA Modules
  • 4G Modules
  • 3G Modules
  • GSM/GPRS Modules
  • Automotive Grade Modules
  • Development Kits
  • WeFOTA Platform