TT Electronics

TT Electronics Recognises where internal resources are insufficient removes one of the biggest barriers to effective product development and launch. The most successful organisations seek collaboration from experienced partners to help them fill their skills gap – so they can focus on their core business.

TT Electronics with customers to develop smart solutions, improving the precision, speed, reliability and performance of the highly engineered electronics that bring their commercial projects to life.

Product Highlights

  • Magnetics
    1. Electromagnetics
    2. Magnetic components
  • Trimming Potentiometers
    1. Multi Turn Trimmers
    2. Open Type Trimmers
    3. Single Turn Trimmers
  • Turn-Counting Dials
    1. Diameter 1″
    2. Diameter 1-13/16″
    3. Diameter 7/8″
  • Linear Position Sensors – Potentiometric
  • Rotary Position Sensors – Magnetic Hall Effect
    1. Multi Turn Non-Contacting Hall Effect Position Sensors
    2. Single Turn Non-Contacting Hall Effect Position Sensors
  • Rotary Position Sensors – Potentiometric
    1. Encoders
    2. Panel Potentiometers
    3. Precision Potentiometers
  • Steering Sensors for Electric Power Assistant Systems (EPAS)
    1. Steering Angle Sensors
    2. Steering Torque and Position Sensors
    3. Steering Torque Only Sensors
  • Fixed Resistors & Networks
  • Switches
    1. Dual-In-Line
    2. Rotary Knob
  • Slide Potentiometers