Winbond was established in September 1987 and listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange in 1995 with headquarters in Central Taiwan Science Park, Taichung, Taiwan. Winbond is a specialty memory IC company engaged in design, manufacturing and sales services. From product design, research and development, and wafer fabrication to the marketing of brand name products, Winbond endeavors to provide its global clientele top quality low to medium density memory solutions.

Winbond’s major product lines include Code Storage Flash Memory, Specialty DRAM and Mobile DRAM. Our advantage of technological autonomy and prudent capacity strategy enables us to build a highly flexible production system and create synergy among product lines, which allows us to meet the diverse demands of customers while building the brand image.

Product Highlights

  • Mobile DRAM
    1. Pseudo SRAM
    2. HyperRAM
    3. Low Power SDR SDRAM
    4. Low Power DDR SDRAM
    5. Low Power DDR2 SDRAM
    6. Low Power DDR3 SDRAM
    7. Low Power DDR4/4X SDRAM
  • Specialty DRAM
    1. SDRAM
    2. DDR SDRAM
    3. DDR2 SDRAM
    4. DDR3 SDRAM
  • Code Storage Flash Memory
    1. Serial NOR Flash
    2. 1.2V Serial NOR Flash
    3. Serial NAND Flash
    4. High Performance Serial NAND Flash
    5. SLC NAND Flash
    6. NAND Based MCP
    7. SpiStackĀ® Flash
    8. Authentication Flash
    9. KGD