Yamaichi Electronics

Yamaichi Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd (YES) was incorporated as a business corporation on August 8, 1987. By continuing to supply Yamaichi range of high quality and reliable components, we are proud to make major contributions to the development of the industries that are fulfilling today’s wide-ranging information technology requirements.

Product Highlights

  • FFC/FPC Connectors
    1. Memory SIM Card Connectors
    2. Coaxial Cable Connectors
    3. Data I/O Cable Connectors
    4. On-Board Module Connectors
    5. Coin Cell Battery Holder
    6. Production IC Socket
    7. Pluggable Module Connectors
    8. Copper Cable for Pluggable Module Form Factors
    9. Write to Board Connectors
    10. Pluggable Mezzanine Card
  • Connector
    1. Backplane Power Connector
    2. Board to Board Connectors
    3. Connectors and Cables
  • By Application
  • Data Networking
  • General Electronics Devices
  • Automotive
  • Industrial / Rugged
  • Test Solutions
    1. Burn in Sockets
    2. Test Sockets
    3. Thermal Control Unit
    4. Probe card
  • Flexible Printed Circuit Boards (YFLEX)
    1. Cable Application
    2. Board Application
    3. Optical Components