Digital Power Supply

Digital power Supply based on RL78/I1A microcontrollers.

Digital power Supply based on RL78/I1A microcontrollers implements power factor correction(PFC), advanced safety and communication functions in a single chip, enabling lower cost and regulation compliance.

RL78/I1A adopts the Renesas 16-bit RL78 CPU, which achieves both high computational performance and ultra-low power consumption, and includes 32 to 64 kilobytes of Flash memory in 20- to 38-pin packages. It also embeds hardware safety functions for IEC60730 compliance.

The board can support input of 100Vac – 280Vac and Output of 30V at 1A current. The power factor achieved in the soltuion is greater than 0.95 and total harmonic distortions of less than 10%.

Block Diagram:


Key Features:

  • Single-chip solution for power stage control.
  • Variable frequency drive
  • Ultra low power consumption, high system efficiency
  • Key protection features implemented like Input Voltage (UVLO / OVLO), Output Voltage ( Open load ), Output short circuit
  • Supports multiple sensor and user interface controls
  • Easy integration into building automation network
  • Enables high performance intelligence power supply at low system cost


  • Digital Power Supplies
  • Battery Chargers etc.
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