Smart Water Meter


DTDS Water metering solution is based on proven technology with wireless communications enabling smart metering. No more manual readings, get the water consumption details automatically without making a trip to the consumer’ site. Also, enjoy benefits of correct billing, remote monitoring, and detection of leaks and pilferage.


  • An integrated and hermetically closed water meter, intended for measurement of water consumption.
  • Design based on ultrasonic principle, has no wearing parts requiring any maintenance.
  • Tamper detection and notification (alarm on LCD and communicated on LoRa network).
  • Water consumption measured electronically as a volume, using ‘bidirectional ultrasound technique’
  • Customized LCD – Specially designed to operate in a wide temperature range, with high contrast.
  • Parameters displayed – Total volume, flow rate in LPM and GPH, Alarms (dry, leak and pipe burst).
  • Accumulated water consumption is displayed in m3 and in litres (L).
  • Battery health symbol display.
  • RF signal strength for LoRa network.
  • Internal Battery provides up to 10 years’ lifetime (one transmission per week)
  • Configurable to send data to the network, daily, weekly, monthly or as desired.

Technical Specifications:

LoRa Frequency: 863-870 MHz, 902-928 MHz
LoRa Sensitivity: -128dBm
Power source: Two 3.65V ‘A’ size non-rechargeable cell
Battery Life: 10 Years (User inaccessible)
Flow Display: 9 Digit display with Litre, Gallon, m³ units
Flow measure: 0.5 Lpm – 15 Lpm
Dry Detection: < 0.1 LPM
Leak Detection: > 0.1 LPM & < 0.5 LPM
Protection class: IP67/IP68
Diameter: 40/25/15 mm
Ultimate pressure: 1.6Mpa
Material: Polymer Pipe with ultrasonic flow sensors and plastic body
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