Vendor/Supplier-Managed Inventory (VMI)

DTDS would retain ownership of devices until you consumed them in your production process. Through a series of electronic communications, DTDS would monitor your forecasts, manage pipelines to refresh the inventory and generate frequency based invoices for the devices you’ve used. DTDS will assign an experience analyst to manage the program and we’ll review performance and status reports with you on a frequent basis.

VMI – benefits

  • VMI gives vendors more control so they can accurately forecast demand.
  • Strengthen Customer-Vendor Relationships.
  • Reduce Inventory Costs.
  • Reduced Inventory Overstocks and Stock Shortages.

Procurement & kitting

Sourcing and purchasing components is the most time consuming task especially when purchasing from several different suppliers. We can consolidate and save you time and money when ordering from multiple suppliers worldwide. As an ISO 9001:2008 International distributor we have full traceability on components purchasing .

Outsourcing Kitts – benefits

  • Desire to reduce inventory levels, carrying costs, and exposure to excess and obsolete inventory
  • Relatively stable demand patterns
  • Desire to reduce supplier management and procurement transactions
  • Reduce Inventory & Carrying Costs
  • Full Traceability
  • Inventory Management

Centralized Warehousing Solution

A centralized warehousing solutions allow DTDS to concentrate its best people, inventory systems and equipment at one place. Instead of coordinating the details of the shipment, service reps try to meet the requirements of the customers as opposed to a decentralized warehouse storage system.

One of the most important functions and benefits of a DTDS Warehouse Management System is to improve stock control and inventory tracking. You’ll be able to provide your clients with the goods they want when they want them or at least keep them up-to-date with accurate stock information.

Product Design & Development

DTDS offers service and support in converting product ideas into reality with an in-house solutions team supporting customers with reference designs and electronic product development.

We have a strong engineering team with experience in Electronic product design, capable of undertaking new product development as well as redesign or modernizing obsolete products. With a strong eco-system of associate companies and partners to carry out every aspect of Engineering, DTDS is your ideal partner for any product realization.

Obsolescence & EOL management

All products follow a lifecycle and at some point all components reach end-of-life and obsolescence. This could be a real challenge if an end-of-life component is still an active part in your Bill of Materials (BOM). With DTDS as your partner, you can rely on DTDS to minimize the impact on your production process.

DTDS Provides an early warning that a component is going to be end-of-life . As an authorized source for every product we offer, our deep manufacturer relationships provide advance notice of the EOL Parts . We’re able to systemically identify if you’re actively or have previously used the EOL device.

We’ll then proactively notify you about EOL notifications from manufacturers and provide recommended replacement options whenever possible. Our technical experts will work on getting the new option qualified so you can plan a smooth transition.

While DTDS technical team is working on the design side, our sales team will be working on the sourcing side. They’ll review pipelines, open orders and run rates to collaborate with you on your requirements. Together we’ll develop a plan of action and DTDS team will then implement it.

Cross reference solution

There are many manufacturers of equivalent electronic parts and many times it is hard to remember who they are. In the design of electronics project, it is important for one to do a thorough search for the specifications, price and availability of each part before deciding on which one to.

DTDS technical team will Identify EOL, hard to find & High value part & provide our customer with PIN to PIN ( exact replacements) with better costing & also will provide functional equivalent parts & equivalents to be up coming designs while working on the design side, our sales team will be working on the sourcing side. They’ll review pipelines, open orders and run rates to collaborate with you on your requirements. Together we’ll develop a plan of action and DTDS team will then implement it.

Field Application Support

You have got the vision and you know your market will love it, now it’s time to turn your idea into a product. Trying to determine the right way to go about of designing each function into your overall product can be daunting without the right help. DTDS Field Application Engineering (FAE) team has the know-how and experience to guide you through every step.

DTDS team brings years of practical experience designing components into market specific applications. DTDS FAE team comes from Design & development background so they understand your environment and how to work with your team. Most of FAE’s are trained and certified bringing the same knowledge of technology and development tools as our manufacturer counterparts.

Along with DTDS FAE team’s experience, you’ll appreciate the unbiased approach they take when recommending options for your design. They look at the overall system in the context of team’s strengths when presenting the pros and cons of each technology option. DTDS FAEs are also well versed in industry standards, a wide range of protocols and regulatory requirements. They’ll tie everything together so you can make the most informed decision.

DTDS FAE Strengths

  • Participates in manufacturers training and certification programs
  • Over all more than 15 years of design experience
  • Regional FAE teams to address your needs locally
  • Provides insight into technologies, end applications and vertical market segments
  • Component and technology selections
  • Developing complex solutions with multiple technologies
  • Guide customers from design to production
  • Perform demos of development boards and development tools